Learners for Life

Our approach is built on scientific research of how children learn. Students learn new subject matter in dynamic ways that spark curiosity and increase motivation. Teachers gain a deeper understanding of each child. Together, they build strong connections and set goals to empower students with agency and accountability for their own learning.

Summit Learning in Action

Student engagement

We help schools create a culture where all students are invested in their own learning and understand how lessons apply to life outside the classroom. By working with their teachers to set goals and track progress, students are empowered to approach learning with a sense of motivation and accomplishment.

Meaningful learning

Instead of simply memorizing information, students are given the time, support, and resources they need to master new material and apply what they've learned before moving on. Teachers see the day-to-day progress of each student, enabling them to meet students where they need support and help students advance quickly where they are most engaged. This approach ensures students don't fall through the cracks.

Strong relationships

The dynamic relationships between teachers and students are the heart of every Summit Learning classroom. In addition to the individualized and small group instruction students receive in the classroom, every student also has a teacher who serves as a mentor and meets with them weekly to discuss goals, motivations and challenges. The real connections formed between students and teachers support confidence and deeper learning.

Educators Are Choosing Summit Learning

Teachers in over 300 schools have selected Summit Learning as part of the collection of tools and approaches needed to meet their vision for education. We are proud to provide tools, resources, and training — for free — to a diverse group of schools, including:

  • Large and small schools
  • Rural, urban, and suburban communities
  • Public schools and independent schools
  • In 36 states and the District of Columbia

What Teachers are Saying

95% said Summit Learning positively impacted their students

94% said Summit Learning made them better teachers

Grounded in Research, Driven by Educators

Summit Learning was created by educators for educators, and it incorporates decades of scientific research that hasn't made its way into the majority of American classrooms. The strength of Summit Learning is our continuous work to combine the real-life experiences of teachers in thousands of classrooms across the country with the findings of nationally-acclaimed learning scientists. The result is an informed and dynamic classroom approach that stays engaging and relevant because of the teachers who help us to make adjustments that benefit all partner schools.

Continuous Partnership

We work closely with our school partners. Far beyond the training and tools each community receives when starting Summit Learning, we provide ongoing partnership, resources, and support. This close relationship with our partner schools means that we are extremely responsive to requests and feedback and adapt the program to incorporate the input and best practices from thousands of real teacher, student, and parent experiences.

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    Summit Learning is Digital Promise-certified for Research-Based Design and Learner Variability.
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    We are an early-adopter of the Future of Privacy Forum’s Pledge 2020.
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